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Country man by Rije kume

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For my country man song is powerful song that talks about the instability of the society,


Lyrics of the song:

Yobalale yobalale
Yobalale yobalale Yeshua you see
Yobalale yobalale

Omodeyi (this child) togbe banana (wen carry banana)

Mummy Yi tongbe tomatosi (this mummy when carrying tomatoes)

Mekaliki ton gbe roadside....(This mechanic when dey stay roadside)

Tailor Yi ton sow agbada..(This tailor when dey sow agbada)

What can you do? (3×)
For your country man
What can you do for your country man....
Eeehhh for your country mani

Politicians dem dey share dollarsi...
Ehhh from ma people suffer
Seven thousand is enough for me oo
Ehhh cos ma vote no matter
Yahoo Yahoo na ma country normal..
Ehh Dem no gree for sapa
Tifi tifi international oo
Ehh fight for presidency o
Ehhe for your country mani
Ehh for your country mani
Ehh for ma country mani
Campaign campaign na priority oo
Ehh for ma country leader
Awolowo is not the bigi deali
Abubakar is not the bigi deali
Azikiwe is not the bigi deali
Ehh but my people crazy
Tribalism is the probulomu (problem)
Ehhh na im be probulomu (problem)
Ehh for ma country mani
Ehh for your country mani
Ehh for your country Mani
Education is a stupid fellow
Aha For ma country mani
Even minister sef na illiterati (illiterate)
Ehh for ma country man
Ehh baba boys dem never chopi
Garri garri we don drinki taya
Ehh baba find me something
Degree degree e dey work for toileti
Ehhh for ma country mani (4×)
Ewo ewo ewo ewo
Eehheee eheeee eheee

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