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Nigeria πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬

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The song is a movement, it shall be ministered in many churches, on streets, every part of the world 🌎 but one of the things that will unapologetically happen to you after hearing the sound is a burden to intercede for our nation Nigeria while we declare light and peace to illuminate and take over, yes God shall hear and do : Nigeria will no more bleed if we can plead. shalom πŸ™
Written by Oluwanimilo ft Mide . Released today OCT1


Chorus (only)

Nigeria yii dowo re edumare
Nigeria is in your hands now o lord

Kosi ireti kankan ninu ijoba wa mo
There’s no more hope in our government

Ife re la fe ko se edumare
Let your will alone be done o lord

Iwo nikan soso nireti wa
You’re our only hope.

Emi o jere Nigeria yii oo
I will see the goodness of Nigeria

Nitori wipe orile ede mi ni
Because this is my country

A ran mi wa la ti fi adun saye ni
I am sent as a gladness to the world

Imole ni mi, alafia ni mo je
I am light and I am also peace

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