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Thank You Lord

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In whichever way we'd like to narrate the stories of our lives and struggles we've, or going through, there's always a reason for us to conclude with "THANK YOU LORD". This is because we're still alive.

OLUWA E SE (Thank You Lord) talks about deep and genuine huddles of life humans are going through. It's a spiritual antidote for any forms of WORRIES and ASSURANCE that everything would be fine IF we refuse to accept defeat.

This song is powerful! It uses RETROSPECTIVE delivery to reflect my life and ANTICIPATIVE reception for listeners. So, be expectant of that which you're aspiring for by thanking God ahead. Remember, WHEN THERE'S LIFE, THERE'S HOPE.

The lyrics are mixture of Yoruba, English and Ondo. The lyrics video is fully subtitle for non Yoruba speakers. The beat, rhymes and melody would keep you spellbound!

Finally, I wish to say a BIG thank you to all my fans, friends, family, loved ones, DJs and radio presenters who in one way or the other contributed to successful release and airing of this MASTERPIECE.

Please keep PLAYING and SHARING!

Let's make this song go VIRAL!!




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