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Your favorite Gospel Music Minister popularly known as Evangelist Damilola Liopo has dropped his new song titled (YOU DESERVE MY PRAISE) It's a Thanksgiving song that shows our gratitude to God almighty for the great things He has done 🙏 add it to your Playlist now and enjoy the grace of God in this wonderful song


(You Deserve My Praise lyrics...)

Solo 1
Jesus ......
My redeemer....
You deserve, all my praise
My redeemer...
You deserve, all my praise
I called you Jesus, my redeemer
You deserve all my praise
Savior, my redeemer
You deserve it all, it all comes from my heart

( Chorus )
You deserve my praise (×3
Oh oooo

Solo 2
You passed through the cross
With pains, for me
You died on the cross
With pains, just to set me free (×2

Back to chorus

(Solo 3) by Min. Covenant Akpan
From time we have been
What we comprehend of you
You are more
The valleys tells of your wonders
The rivers show forth your beauty
Oh Jehovah, my salvation
My defender
You deserve it all
It all comes from my heart eeee

(Back to chorus)


God deserves my praise 🙏 more Grace sir

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